Asian American Women Artists Alliance is a non-profit organization supporting works of women artists since 1998. AAWAA had organized in the last twenty years more than 200 art exhibitions/events and created an intergeneration, Pan Asian network for emerging and established women artists in New York City... read more...


AAWAA's mission

The Asian American Women Artists Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which supports and promotes Asian American Women Artists in the visual, literary and performing arts. The artists members recognize a need, not only to exhibit their work but also to educate the community about their unique contributions to the New York art movement. The deliberate curatorial policy of inclusion of women from all ethnic background is an empowering stance, which resists the ghettoizing of minority artists and their artwork.


AAWAA into the future

Into the Future AAWAA is now accepting proposal for women artists who wish to continue the legacy of the work of supporting women artists while benefiting from AAWAA’s 501_C3 status.


AAWAA Impressions

For AAWAA’s past programs/events (1998-2019) please contact info@aawaa.org.

Photo 1 1998 AAWAA Inaugural Exhibition at New World Arts Center, 250 Lafayette Street, NYC. Featured artists: Amy Cheng, Chie Nishio, Ellen Hsiao, Su Kwak, Suejin Jo, Yan Kong, Hy Yung Jeong, Helen Lin, Hee Sung Yang, Shirlly Po Wills.

Photo 2 Two exhibition invites. Since 1998 AAWAA had sponsored annually three to four exhibitions for its members in various venues within New York City. AAWAA had aimed to showcase artworks from women artists of different racial backgrounds. EAT ART exhibitions were full of fun and laughs. Artists competed in the exhibition to come up with the coolest presentation using edible material. A total eye-opening and delightful and at times tasty events.

Photo 3 One of the AAWAA sponsored performances. At exhibition openings and during exhibition time frame AAWAA created opportunities and had made sure its budget included fees for performers and musicians to showcase their work. 

Photo 4 AAWAA sponsored food events were naturally member artists’ enthusiasm. The women would use every opportunity and excuse to celebrate whatever or support a cause by making food for sharing.  Food had been a meeting ground for people of different cultures and backgrounds in the last twenty years during AAWAA’s operation. 

Photo 5 Workshop for school children. AAWAA members had brought various art and crafts workshops to local schools and libraries. The photo showes children enjoying one of the Shadow Puppet Show brought by two artists members Helen Lin and Xong Xin.

Photo 6 AAWAA sponsored The Balloon Project in 2019. Artist: Yan Kong.

Contact AAWAA

You can contact us at info@aawaa.org.